In 2015, NHO opened three Recovery Houses. Two homes are located in Clinton County and one home is located in Seneca County. In Clinton County, our recovery homes are called Clean Acres. The Men’s House sits on a 15 acre farm, and houses horses, chickens, and a full garden. The Women’s House, is a six bedroom brick structure, located just down the road from the men’s home. At Clean Acres, we operate a Social Enterprise that provides employment opportunities to residents through an in-house lawn service. Currently, we are setting up an onsite facility to manufacture and sell goods. In Seneca County, our recovery home is called “The Cottage.”

For more information regarding these facilities regarding access or application processes, please contact the houses: Clean Acres (Men’s Recovery) at (937) 302-5996, Clean Acre’s (Women’s Recovery) at (937)-625-4040 or the Seneca County (Men’s Recovery) at 567-245-3744. More information can be found at the Clean Acres webpage and The Cottage website.