Housing Specialist for Multi Family Housing

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 Lebanon, Ohio

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Job Category:

Part time, 1st, 2nd, 3rd shifts depending on the work setting. Weekends work and the need to be able to work flexible hours.

Job Functions:

To perform this job successfully, an individual must be able to satisfactorily perform each essential duty listed below. Reasonable accommodations will be made for disabled persons, covered by the Americans With Disabilities Act, in accordance with its requirements.


  • Monitors self-administration of prescribed medications by requiring client’s to sign required forms, documenting medication changes and completing medication refill forms.  Coordinates provided support and treatment planning with the Case Management Workers, significant others, family members and other medical professionals.
  • Maintains safe and healthy environment by enforcing organizations policy and procedures.  Practicing evacuation routes and reviews evacuation plan with clients.
  • Responds to crisis situations by providing direct assistance and referrals to appropriate services including police and medical personnel.
  • Encourages clients to successfully live independently by supporting activities of daily living, teaching respect of property and neighbors and conducting informational meetings.  Institutes a sense of safety and security by providing emotional support and maintaining positive relationships.  Encourages employment and other goal directed behavior.
  • Supports clients in daily operations of residential or individual homes by assisting with household responsibilities including cleaning, planning and preparing meals, managing money and paying bills promptly.  Teaching personal hygiene skills as needed.
  • Provides transportation as needed to various locations. 
  • Provides social interaction through structured activities focusing on social skills. Helps client connect to various community activities to help integrate client into the community. 
  • Assists clients with housekeeping responsibilities as necessary by washing dishes and laundry, shoveling snow, cleaning bathroom, sweeping and mopping floors and emptying trash.
  • Helps clients by receiving incoming calls and making outgoing calls, answering questions and providing information to authorized individuals in reference to client’s behavior, progress and condition.
  • Reflects client’s progress, behavior, activity schedules, appointments, inspections and other pertinent information by maintaining progress notes, communication log other documentation, on a regularly scheduled basis. 
  • Maintains professional and technical knowledge by attending meetings, workshops and seminars and participating in committee groups.  Keeps accurate records by completing and maintaining required documentation.
  • Works assigned schedule, exhibits regular and predictable attendance and works overtime as required to meet workload demands.  Performs other related duties as required.

Equipment Operated:

Motor vehicles; washer and dryer; stove, microwave, vacuum and other household items; copier, fax machine, telephone, cell phone, and other general office equipment.

Contact With Others:

Recovery Services agency affiliates; social service providers; medical providers; clients; maintenance and service repair workers; general public.

Confidential Data:

Client records; other sensitive and confidential subject matter.


Working Conditions:

Normal working conditions.  Occasional exposure to road hazards, inclement weather conditions when traveling.  Exposure to blood borne pathogens and dangerous persons at residential homes.

Physical Demands:

The following physical demands are typically exhibited by position incumbents performing this job’s essential duties and responsibilities.  These physical demands are not, and should not be

construed to be job qualification standards, but are illustrated to help the employer, employee and/or applicant identify tasks where reasonable accommodations may need to be made when an otherwise qualified person is unable to perform the job’s essential duties because of an ADA disability.


While performing duties of this job, the employee frequently stands, walks and uses hand to hold and operate household appliances and other items; reaches with hands and arms and stoops and kneels.  The employee commonly talks and hears when dealing with the clients and client’s families and general public.  The employee occasionally sites and operates a vehicle for short distances.  The employee exhibits usual vision demands, with little or no attention to detail, but with the ability to focus on both long and short distances when driving.  Employee exhibits good physical reaction time when driving and exhibits other physical characteristics necessary to safely operate a vehicle.   Employee occasionally lifts varying weights between 25 and 50 pounds when moving files, boxes, equipment or supplies.

Required Knowledge, Abilities and Skills:

  • Knowledge of: mental illness and substance abuse; standard custodial methods, materials, equipment and supplies; basic mathematics.
  • Ability to: develop and maintain effective working relationships with associates, supervisors, job contacts and general public; maintain confidentiality of non-public and sensitive subject   matter; accurately post information to written records; exhibit flexibility in work schedule and job assignments; exercise patience and sound judgment in dealing with persons with mental illness or substance abuse; solve problems; perform light manual labor; lift and carry job related tools and equipment.
  • Skill in: verbal and written communication; safe operation of motor vehicle; operating general office equipment; preparing written reports; operating household and other job related equipment; performing mathematical calculations including addition, subtraction, multiplication, decimals, percentages and fractions.


  • An appropriate combination of education, training, course work and experience may qualify an applicant to demonstrate required knowledge, skills, and abilities.  An example of an acceptable qualification is: High School Degree or GED with up to 3 months related experience.  Associate’s Degree in Mental Health, Social Work or related field is preferred.  Ability to obtain required licenses and certifications.
  • Ability to document identity and employment eligibility within three (3) days of original appointment as a condition of employment in compliance with Immigration Reform and Control Act requirements.


Required Documents:

Letter of Interest, List of three references, Resume

Background/Drug Test: