Affordable/Supportive Housing:

Our affordable and supportive housing is designed to serve low-income and disabled people.  These properties have varying degrees of income eligibility and utilize a number of different subsidies.  On-site staff is available on a project by project basis.

Assisted Living (ICFMR’s, ACF’s and Group Homes):

Our assisted living facilities for disabled people provide supervision and assistance with activities of daily living (ADL’s); coordination of services by outside healthcare providers; and monitoring of residents’ activities to help ensure their health, safety and well-being.  These facilities are designed for people who either aren’t ready or aren’t appropriate for independent living, but who do not need medical care provided by nursing homes.  Residents have their own room, but shared kitchen facilities.

Emergency/Transitional Housing:

Our emergency and transitional developments are designed to serve people in situations where housing is needed immediately.  Our emergency housing allows individuals to stay up to ninety days, while our transitional housing allows individuals to stay up to six months.

Commercial/Market Rate:

Our commercial properties and market rate multi-family developments accentuate our creative design and attention to detail that is found in all of our developments.